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Avishi Child Ajay Dalmia
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 November 2015
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 "AGM Fazlani Resort"
Dear Friends,
In order to avoid misuse of club members’ personal information, members’ information is password protected now. Please call /SMS me on 9823055900 or send an email to to get the password.
Our club has a group on facebook Program co-ordinators and members are posting photos and other information to this group. Interaction between club members is happening on this platform. Membership of this group is only by invitation. If you are not member of this group yet, please ask me or any other club member who is already a member of this group to add you to this group. It is very safe to use this group, because it is a closed group:
· Messages / Photos / Videos posted in this group can be viewed only by the members of this group.
· These postings cannot be viewed even by your close friends who are not in this group.
· These postings cannot be shared by other members of the group.
· During a tour every member takes photographs. It is not possible to upload all the photos on the club website. Members are encouraged to share the photos on facebook closed group. For example, Mauritius tour (2012) photos are posted here.Facebook has features of Tagging, Comments, Like.
This website does not have facility to store and display videos. Therefore, I have uploaded video clippings of previous Agarwal Club programs to .Please subscribe to this channel.
I request presidents of previous years to upload the video clippings to and send the link to me, so that the same could be put on this website.
Please click on following links to view Club Day 2012 video clippings:
1.Ganesha Stuti 2.News & Ramdev Baba
3.Kids 4.Indian Idol Amit
5.Indian Idol Krishant 6.Comedy Circus
7.Teens 8.Retro
9.Diya aur Bati & Kathputli 10.Fusion
11.Board Members
Your suggestions and feedback on the website are welcome.

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