About Agarwal Club

The decision to set up club was decided in a get-together meeting of 15 Agarwal brothers on 8th September 1990. At that time there was no discussion on any services or activities to be provided by the club. The club was set up so that the Agarwal brethren could get-together regularly. Club has completed a decade on 8 September 2000.

The founder members of the club are:

1. Rajkumar. B.Agarwal 2. Radheysham Goyal
3. Ashok Singhal 4. Dwarka Jalan
5. Omprakash Chamadia 6. Devendra Pittie
7. Naresh S. Jalan 8. Vijay Jagdish Agarwal
9. Ramesh S. Jalan 10. Ramprakash Daruka
11. Satish M.Agarwal 12. Murli Tolaram Chowdari
13. Dilip Saraf 14. Manikchand Agarwal
15. Kapoor Chand Agarwal  

When the club was founded there arise a need for some rules and regulations for proper functioning of the club. One thing was decided was that this club will have members who share the same ideology (Like minded people). The responsibility to make rule and regulations were given to Radaysham Goyal and Makhan Agarwal.

When making the rules, guidelines it was decided that this club will try to overcome shortcomings of other clubs. So it was decided that Committee terms will only be up to 1 year So that more members get an opportunity to member in the Committee. This will give improve the Leadership and Organizing skills of the members in the committee and more people will get to become members in the committee. Out of around 65 permanent members 37 members have already been in the committee as committee member when the club completed a decade this year.

One important thing is that about this club is that it is not a club but it is like joint family. So to be in touch with each other the club organizes get-togethers, picnics, tours, visiting holy places where by members and family get an opportunity to know each other and learn good habits from each other.

Committee Members Till Date

Term President Secretary Treasurer
8/9/90 to 31/3/91 Ashok Singhal Dwarka Jalan Omprakash Chamadia
01/04/91 to 31/03/92 Ashok Singhal Dwarka Jalan Omprakash Chamadia
01/04/92 to 31/03/93 Rajkumar Agarwal Vijay Agarwal Makan Agarwal
01/04/93 to 31/03/94 Omprakash Chamadia Mohan Agarwal J. P. Gupta
01/04/94 to 31/03/95 Omprakash Chamadia Ashok Singhal Revatiram R. Pittie
01/04/95 to 31/03/96 Dwarka Jalan Devendra Pittie Ramesh Agarwal
01/04/96 to 31/03/97 Mahendrakumar Patodia Rajan Kandoi Nandkishore Agarwal
01/04/97 to 31/03/98 Ramesh Agarwal Anil Nemani Jugal Chowdhary
01/04/98 to 31/03/99 J. P. Gupta Nandkishore Agarwal Surinder Agarwal
01/04/99 to 31/03/00 Rajendra Shroff Amit Agarwal Anil Nemani
01/04/00 to 31/03/01 Surinder Agarwal GirishKhetan Rameshwar Agarwal
01/04/01 to 31/03/02 Parshuram Agarwal Kunj B.Tibrewal Prakash Agarwal
01/04/02 to 31/03/03 K.K Goyal Rajesh Agarwal Vijay Mittal
01/04/03 to 31/03/04 Dilip Saraf Rajeev Agarwal Subhash D. Agarwal
01/04/04 to 31/03/05 Vijay J. Agarwal Shamsundar Goyal Vinod Gupta
01/04/05 to 31/03/06 Mohan Agarwal Sanjay Agarwal L. R. Agarwal
01/04/06 to 31/03/07 Satish Gupta Ravi Patodia Sushil Agarwal
01/04/07 to 31/03/08 Vinod V Gupta Sushil Agarwal Sanjay Agarwal
01/04/08 to 31/03/09 Mukesh R. Agarwal Deepak Gupta Umesh Jalan
01/04/09 to 31/03/10 Subhash Goel Rupesh Gupta Sunil L Agarwal
01/04/10 to 31/03/11 Shamsunder Goyal Vivek Dadu Nandkishore G. Agarwal
01/04/11 to 31/03/12 Rajesh Aggarwal Sanjay Agarwal Rajiv Agarwal
01/04/12 to 31/03/13 Umesh Jalan Satish Nevatia Purnendu Goel
01/04/13 to 31/03/14 Subhash Gupta Arun kumar Singhal Sunil L. Aggarwal
01/04/14 to 31/03/15 Murlidhar T Choudhary Purnendu Goel Somesh Gupta
01/04/15 to 31/03/16 Rajiv Agarwal Anupam Jindal Mukesh S Kanodia
01/04/16 to 31/03/17 Ajay A. Agarwal Prashant Agarwal Satish Nevatia
01/04/17 to 31/03/18 VijayKumar D. Mittal Anupam Jindal Laxmikant Chamadia
01/04/18 to 31/03/19 Satish Nevatia Arun kumar Singhal Sanjay Agarwal
01/04/19 to 31/03/20 Amitabh C. Agarwal Sanjay Agarwal Revatiraman R. Pittie