An appeal from the Charity Committee Chairman to all the members of Agarwal Club and Visitors of the club site on web.
Seva hi adhikar mera
To serve as a duty-bound is almost a compulsion. To serve to the common needy mass is optional. We are lucky that we find ourselves placed to do so. We get lot of peace and satisfaction having served for a cause. Agarwal Club is proud to have its motto as Seva hi adhikar mera.
Good Number of members have volunteered themselves to be a part of committee members. The strength of the committee is 9 as of now. Besides their voluntary contributions each of the members is paying a sum of Rs. 500/- per month for the cause. Any of the members of the Club may volunteer similarly.
The various charity programs undertaken during the current year were as under:-
1. Distributed amongst warkaris of Sant Tukaram Palkhi at Govind Halwai Chowk - Tea with Toast in Steel Glasses (1000 Nos.) & Guradnis. A good attendance of members was witnessed at the Project site.
2. Distributed Sholpur Chadar (1000 Nos) near wallhe, Pune Dist. on 2nd July 2008.
3. Eye check up Camp held at Agrasen School Dattawadi
   a. Distributed free medicines & specs
   b. Operated for eye cataract free of cost
4. Free medical check up Camp held at Agrasen School Dattawadi on Agrasen Jayanti
The committee for charity has decided to hold at least 6 charity projects during the year. The initial ideas are concentrated to extend help to Mother Teressa Home at Dhole Patil Road, Apang Kalyankari Shikshan Kendra at Wanowrie, Sofos at Sasson Hospital Premises, Jagruti Andhasala at Alandi and organize free camp for cataract operations, medical check-up blood donation etc.
Members you all are invited to be part of the charitable activities by-
a) Contributing generously for any project, part of the project or in general,
b) Suggesting project for the most deserving cause(s),
c) Volunteering active participation in implementation of the Project(s),
d) Taking a lead role by joining the committee for charity.
My sincere appeal to each of the members to contribute voluntarily, may be even one time meagre token amount of Rs. 500/- for a rightful cause.
We all do believe that A good done is never lost..

Murli Choudhary

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